Happening Souls


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“The words that claim, the words procure.
The words get far, the words endure…” 

Words, something most special that everyone have. But, are our elders making the proper utilization of words? I think no, they aren’t. Here proper utilization doesn’t mean that they use wrong language or abuse but it relates to a common fact among the orthodox elder people. This fact is, when they are in front of your friends, they fully throw the blunder of blessings for your friends but when the friends go, they commit the worse for your highly blessed friends. It’s not only about friends, whenever you are in front of your friends or any teacher, they praise you like you are most important to them and nothing is more important than you. But, when you go home, they are the only one who insult you like no believe to do with their enemy.

But we, for us the friendship is life. We don’t believe in making hell of our friends behind them. We are not the one, like cold blooded mammal. But, what is the reason behind this ideological difference? Why even today, we face the insult of our friends by our family? I think, no one knows. But, the common strata are the words. Words, which have been used by us for the happiness of life and the words, used by orthodox elders for the worse attempts.

See, words are everywhere. But for someone, the words are like worship of happiness and for other, a medium of being the worse.

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