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Child labour is a crime and practiced in India for many years. It is one of the serious social issues of India and needs to be banned in order to save and secure the bright future of many new generations as well as future of the country. Children become the future leaders of the nation; they should be nourished and cared very attentively especially by their parents. They should be given full time to enjoy their childhood and study in school. And, it is possible only when we protect them from child labour. Education is the birth rights of every child. Childhood is their learning and growing period during which they should not be involved in any type of job. They should be kept completely away from child labour. Parents need to be aware about the importance of both, children and their childhood. They must understand about the importance of education in their children’s life and their role in the nation’s development. Child labour slogans are best way to increase awareness against child labor in the society in order to secure the lives of children. We have given below various encouraging and motivational slogans on child labour which you can use to encourage people during any related event or campaign celebration in the school, society, community or other places.

Children are future of the country, let them grow!

By – Deepanker Singh

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